Current Ministries

<strong>Afghan Outreach</strong> Afghan Outreach learn more

Pastor Obed is currenly leading an outreach to the Afghan community in GTA.

<strong>Flemingdon Park</strong> Flemingdon Park learn more

In this religiously diverse and highly dense community The Jesus Network is hard at work sharing the love of Christ on a daily basis.

<strong>614 Church</strong> 614 Church learn more

The ministry that started it all!

<strong>Christmas Outreach</strong> Christmas Outreach learn more

The Jesus Network distributes thousands of Jesus DVDs & hundreds of Christmas baskets every year to new immigrants families. You can help us share the love of Christ during this special time of year.

<strong>Apologetics Ministry</strong> Apologetics Ministry learn more

Our apologist and itinerant speaker, Shiv Zacharias, accepts invitations to lecture at various outreach events.  These lectures aim to engage different worldviews and point others to Christ. 

<strong>Online Ministries</strong> Online Ministries learn more

A ministry that shares the gospel around the globe through the use of the internet.

<strong>Unreached Challenge</strong> Unreached Challenge learn more

Our Unreached Challenge is the opportunity to have an evangelism training experience in the heart of the largest, most diverse and urbanized city in Canada. You'll be trained to share your faith clearly, confidently and cross-culturally with practical tools. 

Associate Ministries

Albanian Outreach

Pastor Endrit, an Albanian speaking pastor, conducts his ministry with the often forgotten Albanian community of Toronto.

Mississauga Prayer Group

A former Muslim, Suliman helped us distribute 10,000 Jesus DVDs and follow up on contacts made through our very first Christmas outreach in 2007. Soon God gave Suliman a vision to place a Jesus DVD in every home in Mississauga. Later he founded the Mississauga Prayer Group. By 2017, group members had purchased and delivered over a million Jesus DVDs in Mississauga and beyond.

in2one community church

In 2010, friends in Markham began meeting in homes talking about a new church plant. Their main denomination partner was not ready to authorize them as a "new venture" so they were under the Jesus Network umbrella for a few years as they reached out into their community as in2one.

New Living Church

New Living Church is an Indonesian Church that serves the Asian community of Toronto.

Rugged Tree

Derek and Tiffany were outreach workers in Toronto when they noticed that many homeless youth came from First Nations reserves. Sensing God's call to relocate, they got connected with the Jesus Network and moved to Northern Ontario so they could reach out to people on a reserve through Rugged Tree.


While working with our team in 2007, Nigel Paul was inspired by us living in a low-income neighbourhood, not just coming in from the outside. In 2009, he started MoveIn, an organization that facilitates Christians relocating to poor neighbourhoods. The first MoveIn "patches" were five low-income neighbourhoods where we began distributing the Jesus film in 2008. Today, there are MoveIn patches around the world.

Past Ministries

Food Bank

Not the typical looking food bank! The Jesus Network ran a year round food basket project for new Canadian immigrant families.

St. Jamestown

614 St. Jamestown was established on the concept of Isaiah 61:4—a message of rebuild, restore, renew.