Starting in 2007 614 Church launched a massive Christmas project seeking to give Jesus DVDs as Christmas gifts door-to-door in their densely populated area in Toronto. After the initial outreach in one neighbourhood in 2007, the project was expanded in 2008 to include 5 areas including Flemingdon Park, Crescent Town, Moss Park, Dixon Park and Rexdale.

All through 2008 Shawn and his team at 614 Church encouraged people to "move in" to these areas of town where the DVDs were given but there was no local church. At the same time, the 614 team welcomed a friend named Nigel Barham  to move in and work with them.  Nigel  was amazed. God was working in 614 in ways Nigel hadn’t seen before as he learned from the 614 team what it meant to “love thy neighbour” through persistent prayer and direct evangelism. 

In the summer of 2008, while still working with 614, Nigel helped encourage new groups in Ottawa and Flemingdon Park to do what 614 was doing and “love thy neighbour” intentionally. In January of 2009 Nigel registered the website www.MoveIn.To (meaning "MoveIn Toronto") and began spending more and more time outside of the neighbourhood meeting people who wanted to start a team and ‘Move In’. A conference was organized where people gathered to hear the vision of Moving In. Subsequently that May Nigel started the first “MoveIn team“, separate from 614, in east Toronto and has since sought to encourage others to ‘Move In’ and start their own team. MoveIn eventually registered as their own charity. As MoveIn Ministry’s vision states: “MoveIn is an effort to see praying teams of Christians moving into some of the most broken neighbourhood patches in Toronto and beyond”

614 continues reaching out and expanding in that same neighbourhood and while MoveIn is now a separate ministry from 614/Jesus Network, it is exciting to see what God has done through both ministries – 614 focusing locally and MoveIn focusing on mobilizing. For more information on MoveIn Ministry, visit their website at: www.MoveIn.To

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