Every year we need volunteers to help our Christmas basket distribution. Please join us! Contact Hayley at office@jesusnetwork.ca

Where does the basket-packing take place?

The packing will be in Thorncliffe Park on Overlea Blvd. The exact location will be shared with you when your participation is confirmed.

Who can volunteer?

Participants must be 16 years of age or older at time of volunteering due to safety requirements. We're sorry that we are not able to accommodate children.

What kind of tasks will I be doing?

Typical tasks include:

  • Unload and loading goods from trucks to shelves
  • Sweeping, wiping, general cleaning
  • Sorting goods for storage
  • Moving goods from storage area to working area
  • Sorting and counting goods to place into baskets
  • Labelling completed baskets
Volunteers should be able to carry 10 lbs.
Other information

The working area can get cold if the loading doors are left open. Please dress in layers and consider bringing a hat and gloves.

The working area is a warehouse; please dress appropriately (i.e. clothes that can get dusty and dirty). Wear steel-toed shoes/boots if you have your own.

Washroom is available on-site, but there is no use of kitchen facilities.

If you're having problems viewing the calendar above, go to scheduling page directly.