Dreamer is a former Muslim who now hosts a Farsi-language home church and women's Bible study. She makes regular phone calls and home visits with seekers, believers, and even religiously uninterested people who are simply looking for friendship. Dreamer is the main outreach person for our Christmas Basket outreach, so she is very well known in the neighbourhood!

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Dreamer's Testimony

Growing up in Iran, Dreamer was raised in a moderate Muslim home, but got involved in a religiously strict and zealous group at school. Fearing their daughter may become radicalized, her parents sent her away for school and was dissociated with the zealous group, but was still a devoted Muslim.

Eventually Dreamer made her way to Canada where she married and started a family. One night she saw Jesus in a dream, and he told her to follow her. She was so compelled by this calling that she became a secret Christian. She wanted to tell everyone about Jesus, but he told her not to do so yet.

She loved Jesus with all her heart, but longed for a teacher to tell her more about Jesus. One day she met Shawn and Hayley while they were doing outreach; she was overjoyed that God answered her prayers for a teacher! They discipled her and taught her everything she wanted to know about Jesus.

Finally, she felt God tell her it was time to tell people about her new faith. Now she's devoted to telling as many people about Jesus as she possibly can.