Adib is an Afghan Christian currently living in India. He and his wife were forced to leave their homes in Afghanhistan due persecution for their faith in Jesus. He worked with Obed in leading the Afghan Church in New Delhi until Obed came to Canada, and continues the work now.

Adib is a registered refugee with the UNCHR who was cleared to come to Canada, but his arrival has been delayed. Please continue to pray for Adib and his family's safety and passage to Canada.

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Adib's testimony
Adib is from Mazār-i-Sharīf, the fourth-largest city in Afghanistan. He became a believer in Jesus in 2005 and joined the underground church there. He was found out in 2008 and had to flee to India, where he joined the Afghan Church of New Delhi and met Obed.  

He went on to do studies in theology and seminary and led the Afghan Church together with Obed. Although Obed is now in Canada, they have maintained their friendship and support for one another. They even share teachings at each others' churches and ministries through the Internet.

However, Afghan Muslims in India continue to target Afghan Christians. Adib's family still face the same threats and violence that Obed and Tarana did. They are in process of coming to Canada as refugees, but the process has been stalled by local officials in India. He and his family are eager to serve and share the gospel with the Afghan community in Canada