Unreached Challenge

One Week Outreach Program

The Jesus Network's Unreached Challenge is the opportunity to have a one-week evangelism training experience in the heart of the largest, most diverse and urbanized city in Canada. You'll be trained to share your faith clearly, confidently and cross-culturally with practical tools.

  • Experience fellowship on a missions team
  • Study the world religions of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Nominal Christianity, and Secular Humanism, and learn to share your faith with their followers
  • Visit a Muslim mosque, Hindu and Buddhist temples, and a Catholic church

Each day's schedule is balanced with classroom learning on a world religion (e.g. Islam) in the morning, a visit to a religious site (e.g. a mosque) in the afternoon, and a neighbourhood visitation in the evening. You'll learn by doing. Lessons and visits will be led by local teachers who are well-known by the different faith communities of Toronto.

Our goal is to reach people by learning about their worldviews, listening, serving, and sharing the Good News of salvation in Jesus and how he has changed our lives.

We Challenge team members to make evangelism your lifestyle. We Challenge Canadian believers to move out of their comfort zones and become a missionary for a week, without needing a passport or possibly even a ticket.

Are you up for the Challenge?

2018 Christmas Challenge

December 27 - 31, 2018

Application deadline: December 6, 2018

Download application form

Download print version (pdf)

Mail completed form to: The Jesus Network, c/o Corps Ministries, 2 Overlea Blvd, Toronto ON M4H 1P4, or email form to prayer@jesusnetwork.ca.

Emailed forms for minors must be scanned and include parent/guardian and witness signature.

Promotional materials

Printable flyers for for your church or group!

Full colour flyer
Half colour flyer
Black and white flyer

Program costs

Fee schedule
$49/personsingle-day challenge
$99/personweekend challenge
$199full challenge

Program fees cover training and ministry materials, transportation for site visits, meals, and honoraria. Fees do not cover transportation costs to/from Toronto and to/from the Challenge host church/organization.

A police/background check will be required due to the possibility of working with youth or children. If you do not have a current, valid check, we can obtain one at additional cost to you. Each jurisdiction may have different requirements for conducting a background check.

Accommodations and meals

Overnight accommodations will not be provided for the 2018 Christmas Challenge.

Lunches and snacks will be provided. Meals will feature ethnic cuisine representative of the some of the ethicities that the various religions represent. Please indicate dietary restrictions on your application and best efforts will be made to accommodate. Bring your own reusable water bottle.


Dress for both outdoor and indoor activities. There will be a considerable amount of walking.

Check Toronto's historical weather patterns

Toronto's weather can vary from year to year, although winter temperatures are generally higher than most Canadian cities. However, the humidity of the surrounding Great Lakes creates a "damp cold" that "feels" colder than a dry cold of the same temperature.

More questions? Please contact us at prayer@jesusnetwork.ca